Affiliate Drivers
Pete DeMarzo

Pete DeMarzo has been working as a performance driver for over 12 years. He has performed in numerous commercials, music videos, driven for many print ads, dealer catalogs and industrial public relation films.

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Linda Jewell

Linda Jewell has been performing motorcycle, car and all around stunts in
movies, TV and Commercials for twelve years. Originally from Florida, she
moved to Los Angeles in 2000. Since then, she’s been credited in over fifty
films and TV shows, as well as over thirty commercials, live shows, print spots,
video games and music videos. She most recently was part of the Emmy
ensemble to win the 2012 Stunt Coordination Emmy for “Southland” as the
lead stunt double for Lucy Liu.

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Mohammad Motlagh

Mohammad Motlagh grew up in Tehran, Iran until he was 22 years of age and learned to drive in a busy city of Tehran at the age of 15. He has 30 years of driving experience.

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Ross Scharphorn

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Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith was trained at Elf Winfield Racing School in France. Throughout his 20 year driving career he has raced professionally, trained individuals, the United States Military Special Operations teams and has completed numerous performance driving skills for some of the world's top automotive companies.

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Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart has been a world class off-road racer and top commercial stunt
driver for the past 20 years. His experience includes work in over 100 commercials
for the automotive industryas well as numerous feature films, industrial
projects and music videos.

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