Shelly Ward Enterprises - Speciality Services
Shelly Ward Enterprizes
Shelly Ward Enterprises was established in 1979 to provide the most comprehensive vehicle preparation and specialty services available, with quality work and the ability to address every detail of your project in-house.
Performance Filmworks - Camera Cars
Performance Filmworks
Performance Filmworks supplies leading edge gyrostabilized motion camera equipment and camera cars to the commercial, film and television industries thanks to LAMotorsports' Dean Bailey.
Dangerous Moments - Acrobatics
Dangerous Moments
Unbelievable stunts and incredible air are Mark Hager's trademarks. Blow your audience away with LAMotorsports' never before seen stunts!
Safari Technologies - Camera Arms
Safari Technologies
Custom designed, carbon fibre camera arms fit for any vehicle in practically any shooting condition for commercials, print, TV and features brought to you by LAMotorsports' Craig Hunter.
Hubinette Racing - Drifting
Hubinette Racing
World Champion Drifter, LAMotorsports' Samuel Hubinette brings a unique skill set to any production.
Fast Trucks - Semi Trucks
Fast Trucks
LAMotorsports' Mike Ryan brings Fastrucks to your town. With expertise since 1977, he specializes in automotive, Semi Truck, boat and heavy equipment.
Rick Avery - Pilot
Rick Avery
The budget friendly solution for high quality stabilized aerial shots. LAMotorsports' Rick Avery brings his experience as a gifted pilot. Contact him at (818) 687-4329.
Edge Arm - Camera Crane
Edge Arm
Capable of unbelievable multiple 360s and unprecedented high speed photography, The Edge Arm from LAMotorsports' Dean Bailey is the film industries cutting edge, Gyrostabilized motion camera crane.
L A Powersports
L A Powersports
LA Motorsports proudly announces a new division of highly experienced powersport professionals.
L A Equinesports
L A Equinesports
LA Motorsports proudly announces a new division of highly experienced equestrian professionals.
Affiliate Drivers
Affiliate Drivers
Talented drivers who are affiliated with LA Motorsports.
affiliate drivers